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    Looking after your health needs at Jon's Medicine Shoppe means more to us than just preparing your prescription. We work with you and your physician to provide you with the best care possible. As medication experts, our pharmacists and staff are an active part of your healthcare team. At Jon's Medicine Shoppe, building a healthier community means we truly care for our community's health needs.
     We specialize in compounding. If you have difficulty swallowing regular sized pills, are looking for a liquid/cream alternative, find standard doses are too strong/weak for your condition, or have concerns about allergic reactions to fillers, the answer might be compounding. Working with your doctor, we customize medications to meet your unique needs. Ask us today what compounding can do for you.


Jon MacDonald BSc.Pharm

Julie Freestone
B.Pharm. (Hons.)

Managing Chronic Muscle Pain

      Vitamin D deficiency is increasing in North American and European populations, and occurs more frequently in patients with anxiety and depression. Chronic muscle pain (myalgia) is also a common problem throughout the world. Fibromyalgia is a chronic, widespread muscle tenderness syndrome, associated with central sensitization. It is often accompanied by chronic sleep disturbance and fatigue, as well as visceral pain like irritable bowel syndrome and interstitial cystitis. Myofascial pain syndrome is an overuse or muscle stress syndrome characterized by the presence of trigger points in muscle. The problems are not difficult to diagnose, but it is necessary to identify the underlying cause(s) in order to develop a specific treatment plan. Myalgia can be caused by metabolic factors like depleted tissue iron stores, hypothyroidism or vitamin D deficiency, and may resolve when these perpetuating problems are managed.

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