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    Scratch baking is what Nina Dumanski does best. As consumers are redefining “food and nutrition”, the demand for quality has increased and Tazzi’s Café seems to be creating pastry and baking to satisfy their needs. Scratch baking not only offers pure ingredients without preservatives but it also gives Nina the ability to create without limitation; just the way she likes it.
      Nina opened the doors of Tazzi’s at 478 Queen Street East in 1996. Before that, since she was a young girl, working for family and friends who were in the restaurant and catering business influenced her. Over the years, she often thought about opening a café and her passion for cooking brought her to opening Tazzi’s Café. In the Soo, she is well known for her catering (pastry, baking, and homemade cooking), especially wedding cakes.
      When you visit Tazzi’s Café, you will find that she doesn’t stop at catering. Whether you are eating in or taking out, a wide assortment of homemade café favourites that are cooked the same day awaits you. Some traditional home-style dishes you will find include pizza, pasta, sandwiches, salads, quiche, bruschetta and much more. Nina prides herself in preparing new dishes daily. Also available is espresso and homemade cheesecake.
      Nina prepares quality food that has her customers returning to the taste of food – without artificial ingredients and preservatives. Creativity is one main ingredient she includes that is not written in the recipe.

478 Queen Street E., Sault Ste.Marie, ON


Nina Dumanski



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